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Processed with VSCO with fp8 preset

A few days before I took the SWISS flight, I was walking along Ben Gurion Boulevard in Tel Aviv thinking about how to name our new project. I wondered for a bit and it hit me: “SWISS dreams are made of this.”

It was pretty risky as I didn’t know how the project will go, but I had a good feeling about it – and if you know me by now, you should know that I’m a professional dreamer and an unstoppable optimistic creature.

Fast forward a few days later, it was time to start my adventure with SWISS, flying to Zurich, enjoying the lounge in Zurich airport, continuing to Paris for an event by Hermes and a project with Carolina Herrera and then coming back for a 24-hour experience in Zurich, all in 5 days!

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I arrived at Ben Gurion airport with 4 suitcases (The art of packing light, you know…) went straight to the check-in desk avoiding the huge ‘summer Israeli airport line’ (that’s part of the extra pampered flying in a premium class), and been told that it’s my lucky day, as my business class seat was just upgraded to a first-class one. FYI at that point I was a first class virgin, and a very excited one I should say!

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After a quick stop at the Lounge, I arrived at my upgraded seat and loved everything about it. Yes, it was luxurious and elegant but a glimmer of authentic Swiss touch made it even more special.

The seat was wide and large (extends into flat-bed mode measuring over 2 meters) with automatic seat controls that can be used to adjust the seat to almost any position, as well as the seat firmness according to how you like it. It also included a large wooden finish workspace, a storage compartment and a personal 16 inch high-resolution screen TV with over 100 movies and shows to choose from in addition to a wide range of music channels to listen to with Swiss-made headphones, which were located at each premium seat.

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A few minutes later, while I was still playing with all the seat positions, one of the two personal flight attendants welcomed me with pre-departure beverages: “orange juice or champagne?” (you all know the answer),  and came back again after 5 minutes with warm towels and the menus for the flight (ohhhh, I can so get used to that – note to the airplane’s god).

I had so many ideas for taking some pics in the premium class while eating my lavish breakfast, sipping champagne, relaxing on my flatbed… But 15 minutes after taking off I was in a deep sleep, so all you got is a pic of a super happy me when we landed in Zurich.

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I had 4 hours before taking off for Paris and I planned to spend them at The SWISS Arrivals Lounge at Zurich Airport. What I didn’t know is that this Lounge – which is definitely on a class of his own – will be one of the highlights of my experience. You can discover: live cooking stations, ice cream freezer, large-scale barista bar with any kind of coffee you can dream of, private workstations and conference areas, a huge outdoor terrace with amazing runway view, fabulous shower rooms, a library with dozens of magazines, free and fast wifi and the top surprise was an exclusive whiskey bar with more than 200 different whiskey varieties from all over the world.

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I didn’t expect much from 1-hour flight to Paris but SWISS surprised me again with excellent service, amazing local Swiss white wine and eager assistance with any concerns.

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Paris was a dream by itself. The event with my Hermes family and the great experience with Carolina Herrera team reminded me how lucky I was choosing my dreams to be my reality and to do what I love for a living.

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4 days later…

I woke up in Zurich to a sunny gorgeous day and was ready to explore the city with Andrea, my Swiss wonderful and passionate tourist guide.


We started with the old town area called Niederdorf and stopped at “Conditorei Schober Cafe” for a charming hot chocolate and tempting pastries.

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We continued to Lindenhof square and took pics with a lovely panoramic view. Down the hill, we walked through the lake of Zürich and were amazed by the number of swans that gracefully swam around us.


We made our way back strolling along the Bahnhofstrasse – Zurich’s main shopping street that is packed with high-end brands, and known as one of the most expensive and famous shopping streets in the world.

I deeply fell in love with the “Barfussbar” – a women’s only swimming bath during the day that transforms into a cool bar by night and offers drinks with a magical view. But in case you are in the mood for a more classic and elegant bar that offers more than 1000 different spirits, you should definitely check the Widder Bar at the Widder Hotel.


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I really loved the atmosphere in the streets of Zurich and found it so relaxing and welcoming, I’m definitely coming back, hopefully soon.

It was time to go back home and I was so excited for another SWISS premium experience, this time exploring the business class.

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The main difference was the number of seats in the cabin, but honestly, it was pretty much the same as the first class experience, which was a big wow for me.

This time I tried to stay awake and experience the meal, and I was so glad I did, the grilled salmon was so fresh and the green salad with mini dressing bottles was just perfect. The crew told me that they have a special culinary experience on the long haul flights that called “Taste of Switzerland”, and the idea is to highlight different regions of the country with a menu that changes every three months and created by selected guest Michelin star chef, and I can’t wait to put my tongue on it!

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After dinner, the flight attendant came through the cabin with a box of chocolates which were a pure delight and offered a real espresso from actual Nespresso machines they have on board, I decided to pass, as it was time for SWISS dreams. After all, my bed was a way too comfortable to keep it as a seat.

Seriously, I had such an amazing experience and have to say Danke to whoever made this dream a reality for me, and especially to the all the incredible SWISS team and the Switzerland tourism department.

See you soon Zurich!

Photos: Eli Bohbot


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