Business and Pleasure BY AUSTRIAN AIRLINES

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I think that by now you all know how I love to let life surprise me, and that I always wonder what will be my next dream project ahead.

So now, when I’m actually on my way to a very exciting project in New York (all details will be live on my Instagram) it’s the perfect time to share with you one of my favorite projects I had this year with Austrian Airlines.

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The email from Austrian Airlines arrived and the subject was: “Charm is contagious”, and the mail said I’m about to be pampered in a ski adventure,… and for that my answer was JA! (Yes in German).Getting pampered by Austrian Airlines started by flying business class, enjoying a wide seat with extra space, eating fine food served on china dishware and drinking great Austrian wine from a wide selection while listening to the romantic ‘Blue Danube’ as we landed in beautiful Vienna.

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The truth is that I got lucky to land the job of my dreams, traveling all over the world, sleeping in the best hotels and rolling in high lifestyle. But let’s be clear, as much as my job it’s kind of 7 days a week one, it’s still my job and not my life.

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So no, when I go to a real vacation I usually don’t travel business class, and that’s why I was so happy to discover that Austrian Airlines launched a new travel class that allows you to enjoy a premium traveling in an affordable price.

Basically, that means:
– New and improved seats with more comfort and space on your journey

-Two pieces of checked in luggage at no extra cost (oh yes!)

– Being pampered on board with culinary delights that will be selected from A menu (Yes, yes yes)

– Small amenity kit with useful travel accessories to ensure a restful stay on board

– And an extensive in-flight entertainment programme on large 12-inch touchscreen monitors.

Now that you have that in mind, let me take you on a little tour…

After landing in Vienna we had a connection flight to Innsbruck and then drove to the beautiful ski town name Zillertal.

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We woke up in the morning to an unbelievable view of white mountains and trees covered with elegant snow, and after eating half of the buffet (how is it that no one told me before that the Austrian food is absofuckinglutely A-mazing?) we headed to Zillertal where we skied for the whole day.

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The ski experience was out of this world and I felt the adrenaline rushing through my veins. It’s been a while since I skied but luckily I partnered with one of the instructors that guided me the whole way through and during the mad slots even attached me to his skates and skied in the highest speed possible! That was one crazy adventure!

I was so excited that I had to celebrate that moment with some fine Austrian wine and a lot of comfort food, and that’s how we ended up in the gorgeous restaurant on the top of the heel, Kristallhütte. Actually, it’s not just a restaurant with a breathtaking panoramic view, it’s also a boutique hotel with 10 luxury suites and a unique spa.


Now, as it’s international woman’s day in few days, I have to tell you something about the Kristallhütte’s owner, Mrs. Martha Schultz. When I first met her I was just hypnotized by her smile and energy as well as the great love and passion she has for her business. I right away fell in love with this one of a kind lady, and Martha, be sure I’m coming to see you, sooner than later!

Next stop was a day in Vienna where I found my self-falling in love with the ‘oh so romantic’ city and the unbelievable good food. I highly recommend you to check the ‘Plachutta’ restaurant for lunch or dinner, and do yourself a favor and order the meat soup!

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I got so lucky as on that weekend Austrian airlines open their new lounge in Vienna airport, where you can enjoy great food by DO&CO (yes, I swear I ate more!) take a hot shower (love the idea!) and even nap at the relaxing area.

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What can I tell you guys, I wasn’t suffering… And if someone’s asking, I’m ready for another Austrian adventure.  Whats certain is that charm is not just contagious, it’s addictive.

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