It’s finally time to do something about my laundry, and LG thinks so too! I’m so happy to announce that last week I’ve finally welcomed The LG TWINWash into my home and it is absolutely life-changing.

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This new washing machine is a combination of washing and drying machine for your clothes featuring a bonus mini washer mounted underneath which in other words, simply means there’s more space and is a more time efficient solution for those of us with regular small loads such as our whites, delicates, or workout clothing. And the best of all, it saves us space in our home as it is both a washing machine and dryer.
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I have to be honest, it’s not that I hate doing laundry, but sometimes it’s just such a big hassle and time-consuming. For example, those days that you decide ok, it’s time to deal with washing the towels, the workout clothes and… Oh, it’s also time to change the bed sheets, and then you realize you just can’t fit it all in your 5 kg washing machine, and just like that you already lost your drive to spend a whole day washing clothes…

These are my main factors as to why the new LG Twin Wash makes my life easier:

It simply has almost 3 times the capacity as my old washing machine, so now,  I can wash a huge amount of laundry in the front loader and an additional smaller load in the Mini Washer AT THE SAME TIME! The mini washer is perfect for delicates or smaller loads and has different wash options which turn out to be perfect for my activewear and other delicate items that I would usually hand wash.


Another feature that I love is the combo dryer. I’ve never owned a dryer before and especially during winter my living room turns to a drying area with clothes hung up all over. Now that the LG Twin washer has a combined dryer, I can select to dry my clothes by the end of my wash cycle, for the first time.


And now, let’s talk about the LG Twin design. I just love the stylish and futuristic modern appearance with no knobs or dials, this is exactly how a washing machine should look and is the perfect fit for my home.


So if you’re looking to save time, make your life easier and you’re ready for a new laundry experience, you should definitely check it out!

Find out more info about the LG Twin Wash here.

Photos by Eli Bohbot

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