Boardmasters Festival With Visa


Guys, before we are taking off to South West England for a one of a kind (please, again!) adventure. I want you all to take a moment to remember my knee high white suede boots, which I wore on the first day when I arrived at the muddy Boardmasters Festival (RIP).

Now, after that’s fresh in your mind, let me share something with all of you: This festival for me was all about optimism and how it always pays off.  

Sunset Saturday-5

I’m talking about the sense of optimism that I gained when I had to deal with the ‘welcome rain’, the mud and walking in both of them for half an hour with my 2 suitcases when I arrived at the Festival, convincing myself in a moment of positivity, that this is just the lowest point of the trip, and from that moment on, everything else will be bloody A-mazing.


The ‘glitter optimism’ of the beautiful girls at this festival who had their perfumes, makeup, and mirrors taken away at the entrance, because of the ‘no glass policy’, that proved them that glitter is a decent makeup alternative.

And the pilot who gave me control over flying the plane over the town, that never showed any fear when I almost lost control…

So what was this whole adventure about a part of Optimism? It was mainly about music, surfing and… a challenge I received by Visa to attend Boardmasters 2017 without using any cash… Meaning 4 days of food, coffee, face glitter, festival style boots (No, Korin, white suede boots don’t suit an outside festival in England), wine and beer (not necessarily in that order, you know me…) all purchased only with my contactless Visa card or… bracelet!


I was excited to discover that most of the stands at Boardmasters accepted the contactless Visa payment. That made the festival a lot more enjoyable. I didn’t need to worry about how much cash to bring with me and what I wanted to buy in advance (mmm boots). In addition, you simply don’t need to have pockets, carry a wallet or worry about carrying all your cash with you whenever you leave your tent.


For 4 days I bought almost everything with the contactless Visa (except the delicious cakes at the traditional English stand – note to them and to Visa) and not only it felt like the right type of payment method for this kind of event, but I realised that the simple and effortless method of using the Visa contactless bracelet or card would be a perfect way to pay for things in my everyday life as well, with no need of pin code or cash.

Paint Thing-3

After noticing that I still had some credit left, I decided to spend the rest of the money in the airport as well as my next stop which was, the French Riviera. The great thing about the Visa contactless bracelet and card was that it didn’t matter what currency I was paying in, it always worked.

For those who have never heard of the Boardmasters Festival (like me) it is the biggest festival (around 50,000 people) in Newquay, Cornwall in the UK. It takes place around the second weekend of August and combines live music performances, surfing, and skateboard competitions.

Rawson - Jamiroquai (25 of 35)

The festival’s locations are split between Watergate Bay, where you can find the festival camping area, as well as the festival arena which includes multi stages with gorgeous views over the Cornish coast, Vip sections, chill out zones, entertainment, food, drinks and of course, glitter stands.


The second location which is about a 10 min drive is Fistral Beach, (can easily be reached by the frequent shuttle buses provided from Watergate Bay). The area where there were surfing and skating activities as well as where the competitions were held. 


When I first went to Fistral Beach I thought I had arrived in Australia! It’s a beautiful sandy beach located under a cliff with lots of surfers, a beach bar area with different cafes, shops and live music. I just loved it! It wasn’t hot enough for me to surf (mmm 15 degrees), but it was just right to watch the seagulls fly over the beautiful sky while I was sipping a great domestic beer. 


When Saturday arrived I was already an official frequent glamping member (Glamour Camping) at the festival. For my last night, I moved to a hotel, since my flight was very early in the morning and I tried to avoid carrying 2 huge suitcases all over again. But the glamping was a huge part of this one of a kind adventure and I would definitely glamp again! 

Rawson - Jamiroquai (11 of 35)

So what did glamping entail? Well, I stayed in a big white bell tent, which included a bed with duvets, pillows, a floor carpet and a small fur one, 2 beach chairs (optimism, you know) and a bag full of multi color face glitter. The tent accommodations also included wifi, proper bathrooms, showers with hot water and a beauty section with mirrors, hair dryers, and seating areas. Oh, and then there was the VIP food bus, which I absolutely loved! 


Back to Saturday… and before I checked in and disappeared in the hotel spa, I had another challenge I needed to conquer. I was about to face my fears of flights (can you believe it?!) and take semi-control of a light aircraft over the Cornwall sky!!! Oh my god! That was so scary, fun and huge adrenaline rush – all at the same time! 

After the spa, it only got even better – I received a text saying that I was invited to watch the Jamiroquai show from the Visa VIP area! 


I really had the time of my life and I was so happy to discover that after the mud dried all over my boots, they looked kind of cool. So yes guys, the conclusion is pretty simple, book your tickets to Boardmasters 2018 and remember that optimism pays off with contactless payment, of course :-)

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