Be Inspired


I  love to dream and even more, I love working on making my dreams come true, but what I really love is meeting people that do the same, somehow it inspires me and makes me feel an instant bond towards them.


The last person I felt it with, was Ziv. She is a bag designer who called her brand, ‘Inspiration‘. She designs bags inspired by all kinds of women, politicians (like  Margaret Thatcher), Rock ‘n’ Roll musicians and even her friends.


When Ziv and I met she said she saw in me the elements of her design, an opinionated strong woman, that has a bold ability to express herself, enjoying the moment, standing out in a crowd and having fun without apologizing for it. IMGL1431

She said those things and never knew that I was in such a sensitive place, feeling that I’m not in my element, feeling a bit weak, and in a place, I thought I should kiss away.


Her words were much more than a compliment, they were a gold reminder that I should never forget who I am and always remember to demand the things I deserve for myself, find strength, places and people that bring me fully alive, and above all trust my intuition, even more so when I know I am an inspiration for some incredible women.

IMGL1337 IMGL1342

I took a look at Ziv’s collections and decided that I must do a jungle style shoot with it. Wild, free, strong and alive just like the woman it’s inspired by. Oh, and that kissing thing, happened, just after the shooting.



Photography by Eli Bohbot

Make up by Lihy Shavit for Mac

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