The Princess and the gold bird

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So no, So no, I’m not getting married soon but still, I had to try on this amazing white dress that is meant to be a bridal gown.

It all started when I partnered with 929 – an Israeli social initiative to turn the bible into a national conversation. The name is referring to the 929 chapters of the Hebrew Bible, which they aim to complete over 3.5 years by covering five chapters a week. When they reached the Psalms, 929 decided to throw a competition where fashion designers will be able to design an outfit inspired by this one of a kind book.

I have teamed up with 2 of most talented designers who were part of the 10 final designers, Lital Weizman and Inbal Maimon.

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I met Lital in Paris, she brought the dress and we set down at Cafe de la Paix where she told me her incredible and touching inspiration for the dress she designed.

“Basically I had two sources as an inspiration, a song by Haim Nachman Bialik “between the Euphrates and the Tigris”, which describes craving and yearning of a young girl who wants get married, and chapter 6 in Psalms which talks about King David’s prayer to God to cure him as he became sick after he sinned with Bat Sheva.These two sources made me think of a wedding dress made for a girl who dreams of being a bride to the love of her life, she hopes, prays and cries for the hope of the gold bird that is known as a luck bird, just like David begged to God.” Said Lital.

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From my first phone conversation with Inbal I felt a strong connection, she came over to my apartment and we happened to spend 4 hours together talking about life, her past and her plans for the future.
She was so humble and said she hopes I would like the outfit she designed which she named Holy Sheep (so cute!).
She added that her inspiration was the saying: All glorious is the princess within her chamber.
The design describes the derivative of the shepherd (God) and the sheep (The people), while the glorious and honor being representing in the gold elements, the royalty purple color and the booty.

It was definitely a unique adventure with one of a kind moments, where I truly fell in love with these two magnificent pieces and designers.

I would be more than happy if you will choose to vote for them in this link.

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