What Happened In Vegas?


If I need to tell you what I was doing over the last 7 days in one word it would be: ‘dreaming’. Dreaming I was a princess living in a palace, driving a Rolls Royce, sipping Dom Perignon like water (from the finest glasses on earth), wearing gowns all day long and eating food that Michelin star chefs prepared for me. The funny thing is that it all happened. It all happened in a week where sleep was the least I had in my entire life, simply because life was so good, my dreams couldn’t even beat them.


What was it all about? Well my latest adventure was named not less than ‘Ultimo – Le Grand Voyage’, a never-ending feast grand voyage, If I may rephrase.


So after 5 days in Paris I made my way to Vegas, to be hosted by the Venetian Hotel at an ultimate experience in fine-dining and luxury life style, oui, oui!


It took me 2 flights and 17 hours to get there (talking about grand voyage… ) with one hour sleep during it. It wasn’t an easy journey… But the private limo that the Venetian sent me to the airport, was a great bonus for a ‘ride in style and comfort’ to my home for the next week. I woke up in my unbelievably luxurious bed taking a look at the notorious city, “oh yes Vegas, I think we are going to have fun”.


The first mission was blending and avoiding the Jet Leg, the solution was taking it easy as I had some Ultimo plans for the evening, and that’s how we ended up drinking fine Rose at the bar of the Cosmopolitan hotel before walking in the street of Vegas laughing and singing out load…

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It was Friday night, the night before the grand banquet, and we made our way to the Paiza Club on Venetian’s 36th floor, for caviar, truffles and Belvedere cocktail party that ended in the Venetian Presidential Suite where we had a Rolls-Royce after party, which means never ending Dom Perignon and desert towers.

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I woke up to a critical decision, should I drive a 2017 Rolls-Royce or maybe I’ll take a ride on a hot-air balloon to the Dom Perignon picnic catered by Thomas Keller that took place at the Red Rock Canyon.


Now, It’s true that I have fear of heights which I’m willing to fight at every opportunity, but damn that’s a Rolls Royce we are talking about, so send it to me for a ride, “oh… and make sure I get the convertible one” (I swear I told them that) after all, it was a beautiful sunny day in Vegas.

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We made our way back from the picnic to the hotel, a bit tipsy but very happy. It was time for a quick shower while drinking more champagne that the Venetian staff left in for me in the room, and then I made my way to the Mac store for A makeup session preparing for the big night, The Grand Banquet Gala dinner!

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Now listen, I’m a very simple person, a simple and lucky person, that had the chance to eat and drink the finest food and lavish spirits around the world, as it’s part of my job. But this event was something else!

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To paint you the picture, imagine something like 150 guests dining together at the 153-foot-long table that was decorated with $2 million worth of wine and champagne glasses, vases filled with the most beautiful dark lilies and a big personal plate for each guest to announce the theme -Le Grand Voyage, all by the French luxury lifestyle brand, Lalique.

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8 Chefs including Thomas Keller, Jérôme Bocuse, Emma Bengtsson, Curtis Stone, Ming Tsai, Vikram Vij, Pierre Thiam, Paul Bartolotta, Shaun Hergatt and Mourad Lahlou preparing us (and for me one course especially!) a decadent international-inspired dinner, transporting the guests around the world with courses celebrating each chef’s country of origin, followed with Dom Perignon, Daou Vineyards, Marqués de Murrieta, Hennessy Paradis Imperial, Memento Mori, and Pio Cesare, complemented each course.


When the feast finished we made our way to the “unbelievable – you have to see to understand”  ‘Chairman’s Suite’ – which is the Palazzo’s Presidential suite, for an after party that Patrón throw for us. I swear to you that I wish I was talented enough to describe what we experienced there, but if I could I would probably write a script and sell it as the next Hangover movie. I’m just gonna say that at some point we almost saw a tiger, that I went down at some point wearing my gown and the presidential robe, played ‘Craps’ at the Casino while teaching a bunch of Chinese gamblers how to scream the numbers we wishing for in Hebrew.


And that I slept an hour between 10 to 11 am and then made my way to another fiesta which was all about how to brunch like a Mexican princess!

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Meaning, Sushi Samba, Hong Kong Cafe, Otto and B&B Ristorante feed us with gourmet tacos, sipping Patrón Bloody Marys and dancing to live Mariachi band music, including, Feliz Navidad.


I’ll say just one more thing before I’m off to fight the jet leg with another nap, do yourself Le Grand Favour and make sure to watch carefully for Ultimo 2017 tickets (Oh yes, I know I will).

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