Je M’en Fous


I have never been good with rules, or planning, or discipline. I feel I was born as a free spirit that doesn’t care about what should be done. I prefer to do what feels right.


For me, every day is a new year, and I never wait for December 31st to celebrate anything, or to make my new year resolutions.


I often (some will say too often, lol) open a bottle of the finest champagne without any particular reason, I wear a red lipstick even when I work out, I light my luxury candles when I’m home by myself, I gift my friends usually not on their birthdays and buy (and eat!) the most glamorous cakes, just because!


When Tous asked me what’s my plans for the holiday season, I said none, but “that doesn’t mean I don’t have plans to celebrate!” And we (the Tous bears and I) did in a Je M’en Fous style.


And now guys, I’m wishing you and myself a great year ahead, may 2017 will be a bold journey where you will have the courage not to take yourself too seriously, one with no regrets, just winning, learning and laughing a lot, and while you walking there, just don’t wait for everything to be perfect before you decide to enjoy your life.


Darlings keep shining, that’s all.

Photography by Sharon Zobali Outfits: Moran Zano, Einat Safra and Top Shop Hair and Makeup by Elad Nagar

Location Loft Florentin By Special places


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