Tbilisi Fashion Week


Albert Camus once said that all women are paradise on this earth, and I kind of understood it on my trip to Tbilisi.


I never like it when people define me as a strong woman, the combination of these two words make it sound unbalanced. “I never saw myself as a strong woman”, I use to say in return,  “I’m ‘just’ a strong person, and also, a woman.”


When I landed in Tbilisi, something was in the air. Yes, it was midnight and freezing but something in the energy just found a way to my heart.

Tbilisi is a woman I said to myself when the taxi driver was over fasting on the wet highway, singing some Georgian songs with the radio. “She is definitely a woman…”


8 days later when it was time to say goodbye, I took a last look at the city and stared at Kartlis Deda (mother of Georgia statue) that stands at a monument in the hills above Tbilisi, holding a bowl of wine in her left hand to greet her friends and a sword drawn against her enemies on her right one.


The Kabala says that paradise it’s a place where the souls charge themselves with the light of wisdom, for me that means balance, just like the right and left hands of this strong woman, Kartlis Deda, just what Tbilisi was all about.


Tbilisi Fashion Week was a mixed celebration of new and emerging Georgian designers next to some established ones that showcased their next spring – summer collections, I chose to share with you the balanced mix of my favorite ones, that happened to be all inspired by the strong woman.


Ani Datukishvili

Who – A young Georgian designer that studied both at Central Saint Martins in London and Istituto Marangoni in Paris and showed her first solid collection made by fabrics she imported by herself.

Why –  I loved the inspiration of broken TV screens that found a translation in her collection like stripes (that use to appear on the TV screens on there was no connection) and “No Signal Found” printed messages.

What – colorful patent leather, over size jackets, sporty  nylon outfits and asymmetric cuts.

Want – The blue patent leather trench coat.


Salome Tkabladze

Who – A shoe designer that show a combines collection of artsy shoes and elegant clothes.

Why – It had something soft, quiet and feminine, with sophisticated cuts and combination, and “oh my god I want these shoes” collection.

What – Black and blush leather, touches of fur and sheer lingerie.

Want – The ‘I’m blushing’outfit and the whole shoe collection.


Mariam Gvasalia

Who – One of the most talented, appreciated and favorite designers of Tbilisi fashion industry.

Where – Gvasalia’s show took place in a textile factory, where each guest sat at a petit table next to a sewing machine.

Why – A surprising mix of fabrics, cuts and colors that made an harmonic sense.

What – Bright colors like gold, blue, black and white checkers, green and orange with bold and genius styling by Anano Dolaberidze.

Want – I want it all, and I want it now!


Lara Quint

Who – Ukrainian designer who was a guest at Tbilisi Fashion Week.

Why – She design for passionate, free spirit, intelligent and ambitious woman who is looking for unique outfits that will give her confidence, strong energy, sexuality and reveals the authenticity of her inner world.

What – Blooming soft colors and leafs shape details.

Want – I already got my piece (as you can see in the picture).


Nini Chelidze

Who – A young designer that design optimistic, fresh and stylish clothes.

Why – It seems that you can’t be sad if you wear her clothes.

What – Fresh and stylish looks combining white, blue and red in button down shirt, midi skirts and juckets with flowers embroidered details.

Want – The red and white stripes skirt.


Now, after this fashionable Georgian dive, It’s time to share my ‘top 5 list’, if you are visiting Madam Tbilisi.

Sleep – This one definitely goes to Rooms Hotel that defines the perfect marriage between the charming Georgian tradition and high modern design.


Eat – Le Montrachet, let’s leave it with you trusting me, but if you insist, I will say that it’s one of the most interesting – chill out – 3-Michelin star – Chef restaurant, that you just have to experience. 

Shop – Dots, Tbilisi. A new Georgian fashion brand and concept store, offering unique concept of young and talented Georgian designers creating brand-new and innovative collections in affordable prices.

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Drink – Château Mukhran. The wine in Georgia is one of the land treasures, and this specific one is so one of my favorites. It was the first time that the bottles of wines I carried in my luggage were making it over weight.


Play – Cafe Linville. Cozy, vintage and super charming place in the heart of Old Tblisi.

Didi madloba (Thank you very much in Georgian) to Tako, Anano, Nino, Jaba, Natia, Nanuka, Lika, Tiko, Irma and Salome for making me feel so happy at my new ‘home away from home’.

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I wish you all had a glass of great semi-sweet Georgian wine in your hands now, if so I would have ask you to raise it for Georgia, the supreme hospitality, charming Tbilisi and all the women of this lovely town.


And may strong woman be balanced and the happiest, not just in paradise.

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