Rome With Pura López


Just before I’m getting on the plane to cover Milan fashion week, I’m here to share with you one of the most exciting experiences I had in another Italian city, two months ago.


It’s kind of funny to share it now, as it all started exactly six months ago when I was on my way to the previous Milan fashion week… I styled an outfit I shared here with magnificent Pura López shoes, which I was totally and madly in love with. I remember I saw this pair and thought that if I’ll wear them it might bring the spring earlier, not just because I’m a sun junky, but also something about it said ‘a fresh start for me’.


Now, no need to call the mental house doctors, I’m not cuckoo, I’m just a dreamer, sometimes I believe that I didn’t even choose to be one, it’s so dominant that I just had to be born like this.


Imagination was always the center of my life, not because reality wasn’t good enough, but for the fact that I felt that this life has so much to offer for us and it was my destiny to go and grab it, with only one key, where there’s a will, there’s a way.


Back to Milan (March 2016)
When Pura López saw the photos I posted they emailed me and asked me to check their showroom in Milan, where they display their next winter collection.


I was so busy and almost forgot to go. The truth is that I didn’t really know what I was supposed to do there, apart from look at the next winter collection… then after the Giorgio Armani show it start to rain again, and my friends and I ran to the next door cafe for a break.


We sat there, had a glass of wine, and (of course) checking our social media and mails. The rain then stopped and I wanted to make a move, but I then  saw the mail from Pura López… The showroom was literally, a few steps away.


I arrived there but the guy who welcomed me, didn’t know I was supposed to come, and he was super busy with clients that wanted to make orders, so I left after trying a few pairs of shoes on, then emailed the guys from Pura López, that the collection looks great, and wished them good luck.


Over the next few weeks I start receiving Pura López shoe boxes on a weekly bases, they said they loved my style and would love to work with me, no need to say it was abso****inglutely mutual.

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Then one day I had an idea, I remembered that last year while I was in Rome I saw the Pura López store and fell in love with it. I emailed the brand and told them I have an idea, let’s have a photoshoot in Rome sharing the summer vibes with all the great places this ‘lady like’ city has to offer.


As a dreamer, I’ve learned that sometimes, and even most of the time people will raise an eyebrow at my ideas, and even think I’m crazy, not because they are bad or negative, they just don’t dream. I’ve learned to hear ”no” and take rejection, in a way it won’t make me give up, and won’t stop me from trying. And so I just send the email without having big expectations…


A week later I’ve got an email, saying they love the idea but want to offer ‘a little’ twist to it, which was me leading the winter campaign (I was reading it over and over again to make sure it said what I thought it did… and it did!)


Now, It’s one thing that Pura López chose me for their winter campaign, but when I understood that the collection was all about timeless women who have always inspired the brand, being feminine and elegant in the most transgressive state and character. Oh wow, I thought, and you chose me?!

The next step made me understood that there is a lot to do to produce such a huge photoshoot like this, while on top of all that, we also made a digital story behind the scenes, with the Summer collection (all on my Instagram).


It was far from being easy, far! It was hard, it was lot’s of work, sleepless nights and unbelievable tight schedule, It’s not always easy to dream big, but after having it all done, I’m telling you, it’s always worth it.


Photographed by Mark Segal

Hair and Makeup by Elad Nagar with Mac cosmetics products

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