Mind Body and Soul


It was a long week of hectic days and sleepless nights and I needed a break from emails, fittings and meetings. Getting ready for fashion month means so much work behind the scenes and with all the traveling and other projects I’m managing, I felt that if I don’t stop for a minute and recharge I will collapse.


Everyone talks nowadays about how we live in a dream, trying to take pictures of a photogenic life, while behind the camera something else is going on. It’s like there are two sides to every creator’s journey, the story he tells the world on his social media and the rest of the iceberg that will never see the light of day (or a camera click).


That’s actually what I was scared of when I had just started this blog. You know, I got to go to amazing events, wake up in a mansion, sip champagne in Monaco, walk on the red carpet at the Cannes film Festival and wear clothes that were worth more than my pension.


But at one point in my life when I was sitting in my hotel room thinking whether I will or won’t go to a very fancy event with A list celebrities (that would look so good on my Instagram feed), when all I wanted to do is to have a little rest before I’m heading to the amfAR party. After few moments I decided and promised myself I would not do that today or ever. Just because I want my life and my feed to be one, one real adventure.

And that’s why I’m sharing with you the fact that for days I almost couldn’t breathe, literally. It’s my dream job, It’s my passion and I’m really feeling blessed and grateful, but it’s hard work and sometimes you just have to take it easy, stop and breathe. Inhale all your strength and exhale all the stress. 

And now I’m off to pack again, making sure those three new bears I got from Tous are the first ones in my suitcase, I decided they will escort me in my next journey. I named them: Mind, Body and Soul.
Check out the Tous facebook page if you want to win your own


Photographed by Donna Adi

Location: Brown Beach House Hotel

Make Up: Neta Grossman for Mac

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