I’m back in Tel Aviv again (just for few days…) after exploring the complete wonder and magic of Marrakech with Clinique. This trip was a pure fantasy, where I got to wonder constantly, how I am so lucky to be able to experience all the incomparable beauty and explore such an exotic part of the world. But this story will wait for it’s own post, as today, I got the privilege to share with you one of my favorite collaborations, with Braillo, a unique brand which was created by 3 passionate and one of a kind women, that simply make the sentence: “if you want to see, feel” to a complete agenda and a life style collection based on the ‘Braille’ writing, as a design concept.

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When I arrived to my first meeting with the Braillo girls, they welcomed me with a big smile, said hi and handed me a gold bracelet with braille writing on it, and marked: “It’s a gift”.


I was so touched, not just because of the gesture, but also because even though I didn’t know what it said, it felt like a symbolic bond between us, a mysterious (and chic) code that we shared.


I don’t know if it’s because of the bracelet, but I’ve kind of had a girl(s) crush on the Braillo girls, and totally felt like I wanted to have some more quality time with them. I would love to think they experienced the same thing, as they decided to call me a week later to tell me that they chose me as their first brand ambassador. They simply told me: “We believe in people. We believe people want to do good. To make a difference, and we want to give people a simple way to do that… we feel you can take our brand forward with us.


I was so honored and touched, and had no doubt I want to be part of the Braillo journey, to be able to touch people with a unique code and create awareness with a circle of giving (Braillo gives 10% of all revenue to training program for young adults with special needs).


When I knew I was going to Marrakech I decided it felt like the first and right opportunity to ‘share the code’ with some people I was about to meet there. I packed 3 Braillo pieces with me and trusted my self to know who those people would be when I’ll set eyes on them.


I asked the Braillo girls to make 3 diferent pieces, with different Braille writing: Soul, Bond and light. I did it ‘blind’, without even knowing exactly who I would give them to, but it was exactly what I felt for each one of the people I chose to gift.


I don’t if know we summon things with our thoughts, or we live in a mysterious world where love is blind, but if so, then maybe a blind person that loves has a greater understanding of it.


If you want to see feel.

Photos: by Vira Khrupa
Hair: Udi Shor Make up: Karin Cohen


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