After finishing writing this post I’m going to open my suitcase and pack for my next exotic adventure (so excited)!!!


I’m on the go again, as I was chosen to be one of the limited girls that were invited to explore a magical allure in one of the most beautiful and charming places in the whole world (all secrets will reveal on my Instagram, soon…).


As the Jewish new year is just around the corner and this invitation landed in my mail, I’ve been automatically thinking about the passing year, which has been so good to me.


It seems that a lot has happened to me this year, dreamy adventures and projects, fashion weeks, Cannes film festival, shooting the winter campaign for Pura Lopez in Rome, being selected as one of the upcoming bloggers by many different magazines, and much much more.


So it was kind of funny that the email I received from Tommy Hilfiger – saying I was selected as #The(local)Girl to present my own interpretation of the most talked about perfume collaboration, between Gigi (Hadid) and Tommy, was the catalyst that made me wonder, what makes one girl out of many #TheGirl.


It took me a while, but I then realised that #TheGirl is not someone, it’s something. It is a state of mind, and we all have it in us, the only problem is that we are too ‘busy’, being distracted by who we think we should be, and who we want to be, that we just forget… to just be.


#TheGirl took me on a journey. I took a look back over the passing year, and had nothing to complain about, yes, it was fun, it was exciting, it was bubbly and even surreal.


But when I went deeper I realized that some things weren’t mine, I’ve picked them along the way, thinking I should be ‘this kind of person’, I want to be’ that kind of person’ , but it wasn’t true. It was the result of running away from things that I should’ve dealt with.


So I have decided that in the next year ahead I will embrace #TheGirl, I will live in the moment, I will loosen up, I will go on my journey and trust my good star.

Photographed by Mark Segal
Location: Sea Gal Yachts
Make Up: Neta Grossman for Mac
Hair: Ariel Ettedgi
White outfit: Mordehai Avraham
Outfits: Tommy Hilfiger

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