It’s time for Couture!

I’m so Sorry for being late with reporting about my last French adventures, but… The delay is because of very good reasons (that I’ll share soon)!

So yes, my Paris adventure started with an exclusive visit at Herme’s (take me back!) and as much as I’m dying to share it with you already, the magical and one of a kind experience will be out together with the brand’s new perfume, in September.

The best thing about my job that make me feel so blessed, is that the adventures always keep on coming, and new exciting experiences are always just around the corner. And just after spending a spectacular week in Paris, there it was, a fresh new week where I got to cover the Couture fashion week with my fav makeup company, Mac.


It’s true that almost every fashion week I cover the backstages as well as the shows and bring you my favorite makeup looks by Mac. But this time I was selected to bring you not only the behind the scene updates, but I also had the honor to make my own makeup look, inspired by my favorite couture show, together with Israel’s Mac senior artist, the most talented, Netta Szekely.


Choosing the inspiring show and makeup wasn’t easy for me,  I really loved all the shows and find the makeup quite artsy with a statement touch and a great amount of meritorious taste. But one was rising above all and it was Saab, Elie Saab.

When I spent some time at Saab’s backstage, something was in the air… I didn’t know what was it exactly, not only because it was too early for me and I was partying the night before (hello, I was in Paris!), but also because ‘that thing’ was sleepy, mysterious, natural and super feminine, and although Saab announced  his collection was inspired by Impressions of New York, I found it had the essence of the earthbound human reduction game.

The hints were in the three dimensions floral embellishments, which reminded me the most romantic simple gesture, sending flowers, the plumes and lace which suggested bed time games, (love) birds, slim tailored trousers suits that could be used as a metaphor to who’s wearing the pants in the relationship, and the smooth sexy jazz music.

Even if it’s all in my mind, still no one can blame me, as what could be more appropriate for fantasies than couture week which for me says: over-the-top, off-limits, one-of-a-kind.

The makeup was “very, very glamorous” as the A-mazing Tom Pecheux (I totally have a major crush on him) who was working with Mac Cosmetics, said.


Pecheux swept a gold eye shadow across the models lids, then in a diagonal, drew a bold black line, filled the space between the eyelashes and outside corner with gold eyeliner, plus loads of mascara.

Lips were painted in berry red and the skin was handled with a bit of contouring and highlighting.

Our look was an interpretation to the Saab’s vibe.

“This makeup is all about reinventing the classic eyeliner and giving it a little bit of a fresh interpretation. Eyeliner, as well as red lips, are what a woman and designers will always want.”  Said Netta.
In order to create a modern re-make of eternal classic makeup, she chose to play with the factors that compliment the look.
Eyes – Netta kept the shape pretty classic, elongated and created interest with a metallic texture, using A brassy fluid line, super slick liner and added a pair of false lashes which glams up the entire look.
Lips – As we both were in love with the retro matte liquid lip color (‘dance with me‘) which was used in the runway we kept it as it is. It’s a universally flattering color with an ultra modern matte finish.
Skin -“Since I’ve used colors, textures and techniques which emphasise the eyes and the lips, skin and cheeks were perfected using sculpting and highlighting but keeping the natural colors and finish of the skin.” explained Netta and marked, “this look tapped into the trend which talks about customizing a look to fit you and your personality completely. The story behind it was how to bring out the ultra-feminine you through makeup.” And I couldn’t agree more.
Here is our result, let us know what do you think.
A special thank you to the one and only – The Mac Cosmetics family that always make me feel at home, wherever I am. You made it a glam photogenic adventure to kiss and remember!
Photographed by Shay Kedem
Make Up: Netta Szekely – Senior artist Mac Israel
Hair: Ariel Ettedgi
Dress: Mordehai Avraham

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