On My Way To Cannes


Bonjour guys,

I’m about to fly tonight to the South of France for the Cannes Film Festival, and it feels super. Last year was my first ever Cannes Film Festival experience and I really missed feeling like I am in a fairytale, where everyone is walking on clouds, wearing tuxedos and evening dresses.


Many have asked me what is it about the Cannes Film Festival- why do I love it here so much. It’s really hard to explain and I’ve said before that you really have to come here to understand.


In case you are not planning to attend this year, you can follow my journey, and my live visual updates on Instagram. Don’t forget to and make yourself a goal to come next year to taste the magical Mediterranean air, because after all, you shouldn’t live in a dream, but just live as you dream.


À tout à l’heure
I was wearing:

Outfit: Style 4 Rent

Hair: Elad Nagar

Make up: Mac

Photos by Mark Segal




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