A Different Kind Of Journey


I have met so many new people recently. It was during my new projects, my last minute surprise vacation to Eilat and through friends. You know what it’s like when you are just getting to know someone new, having your first bonding conversation and sharing some of the most significant things that have happen to you through your life journey.

I happen to say quiet a lot, that I never regret things I have done, even if it ended not as I expected and even if I finished that experience with bruises and scars, I say that because I truly believe that what doesn’t kill you make you stronger. But even more than that, it actually makes you know yourself better.

Now, how can it be?!

Personally I believe that our body is a treasure box and sometimes we bury the most precious and gentle parts of us deep inside, and when a storm comes to our body, these treasures arrise and need some attention.

Sometimes we bury them so deep that we do not recognize them when they arrise and that feels like getting to know something new about us. It’s never easy because we are so used to the tools that we use on e daily basis and what we have just in front of us, that these treasures can confuse us.

It’s a different kind of journey to embrace your all kinds of treasure. Yes, it can be hard and confusing, but above all it’s most likely to be well worth it, because in every treasure we discover we get another perspective on the same life you are already living. That’s actually why it called a treasure, because it will make your experiences richer and fuller, and from that point it will be a different kind of journey…

Bon Voyage.







I was wearing:

Outfit and Shoes: Top Shop

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Hair: Elad Nagar

Make up: Orly Shitrit for Mac

Photos by Mark Segal

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