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When I was curating the idea for my spring photo shoot, I knew I wanted something that felt full of life, feminine and passionate.

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I’ve always been inspired by Cuban culture. It’s been on the top of my dream destination list. I love the beauty, how tropical and colorful the places are in Cuba.

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My love affair started when I first watched the movie “The Lost City”. I instantly fell in love with Havana and Andy Garcia….”what a babe!!”

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I knew it would only be a matter of time before I sipped a Cuba Libre in one of Havanas cafes, listening to sexy sultry music, basking in electric sunsets and tropical views.

I haven’t yet put that Cuban stamp in my passport but I have no doubt it will become a reality, *Fingers Crossed*

SEG_7382 (1800x1233)SEG_7429 (1192x1800)SEG_7380 (1800x1261)

But until then, we captured that essence and went wild with bold and bright colors last week!


I was wearing:

Honigman dress

Mochila Milano bag and hat

Moschino shoes at Mary shoes

Hair: Elad Nagar

Make up: Limor Segal for Mac

Photos by Mark Segal



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