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Hi guys!

I just received the photos from our photo shoot in Paris and wanted to share the first look. A lace maxi black dress that Hagar Kedmi, one of my favourite designers and my cousin (!) made for me.

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As you probably can tell by the photos it was such a cold morning, actually, cold is an understatement, it was freezing! But the crew had the best energy ever and the roof top over Paris photo shoot happen to be such a fun experience!

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I was planning to shoot while I was in Paris but my super busy schedule and some other distractions made me not plan it in advance, I had A feeling that it would happen and it did.

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Before I arrived to Paris I got an email from a fashion student at l’Institut Français de la Mode in Paris that asked to interview me about the Israeli fashion and market. We scheduled to meet during my stay and stayed in touched.

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We met at this super cozy cafe around where I was staying and right away I knew that this connection between us would not end with this meeting. I can’t explain it with words but with some people you just have this feeling, it’s just feels comme il faut!


After 2 glasses of red wine (which she picked for me) we had already wrote emails and were in love with a new idea we both wished to promote.

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Our next idea was a photo shoot on a Parisian roof top with the super talented photographer, Sebastien Leban.

And here is the first part!

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