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Touched down Tel Aviv!

So I’m back to my home town after a long fashion month adventure, where I had the pleasure to be reunited with Milan, the city that I love to call my husband and Paris, my lover.

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I can’t even put it into words how amazing was this trip for me. It was everything that I needed: I met with my friends from all over the world and celebrated with them day and night, got a serious fashion high from the amazing fashion shows and events and worked on some new exciting opportunities and projects.

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I have no time for sleep or even to digest all that is going on as there is so much work to do, and that is why I’m trying my best to stay focused now, and silence all the distracting noises, know that being a one woman show never has been easy… but hey, who said easy is good?

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I was so surprised and honored to discover when I had landed that “Time out Israel” had announced that I was one of the local women in Israel who exemplifies top achievements, inspiration and strength and who is shaping Israel’s future in a whole new way.

That was a reminder for me, that I’m lucky, truly lucky. I choose to do what I love, I choose to do it the best I can, I choose to believe that dreams are made to come true, and the sky is just the view.

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So yes coming from an isolated place like Israel which is not very “popular” out there is a challenge, but that’s where I came from and that’s who I am, and I really want to believe that there is a lot more to do here and I can contribute to it.

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To celebrate my arrival we had a street style shooting at down town Tel Aviv on the streets of Florentin, the hippest neighborhood in town, that use to be the industrial district of small workshops and now turned into the Tel Aviv version of New York’s SoHo, with art galleries, varied night life, an independent art scene, and an overall underground atmosphere.

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I was wearing:

Honigman dress

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and bag at Mary shoes

Photos by Mark Segal


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