You’re Makin’ Me HIgh

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Hi guys, 2016 has been here for more than a month and by now I think I kind’a like it!  If you know me by now it will be easy to say that I’m a huge dreamer, but honestly I’m not sure I could have had a better beginning to the year then I have had already!

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It isn’t even spring and I have already had a fitness and chic project with adidas and adidas eye wear, auditioned to a new TV show and offered to run a secret beauty project. My head is on almost 25 hours a day, buzzing with new ideas and lot’s of  information and I feel super motivated for the next spring time, hoping to bring some magic and meaning to every project I’ll have.

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Oh and here is a quick little update: I turned down an opportunity to go to the Oscars (Damn right) But hey! It’s time for the fashion month adventures!

It basically means a lot of packing (again) and scheduling my time in Milan and Paris trying to mix business and pleasure. This season I will be attending some shows that I never got the chance to be in before and I also have been informed by the P R persinnel that I’ll be the only Israeli press representative there, which makes me even more excited.


For me It’s just another reminder of how I always push forward taking Ya Salam to a place where the sky is not the limit but just the view. After all I’ve got this far with the simple belief that if I want it enough, it will happen, and if it didn’t, then well, there must be a good reason for it.

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My aim was and still is to be always on the go, listen to my heart and intuition and remembering that doing what I love is a fabulous gift!

I’m so overwhelmed with some the new designer’s outfits I’m picking at the moment. I’m a girl that has never been afraid to share some pop sugar colors in my outfits, but this time I decided I feel like adding some interesting black pieces which I fell in love with (coming soon!)

IMG_6030 (1800x1200)

All of this to say, I’m ready for my next adventure and hope you will be here to share these moments with me.

Photos: by Vira Khrupa
Clothes: adidas by Stella McCartney
Hair: Udi Shor Make up: Karin Cohen



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