Go – To – Health!


It’s time to reveal my sporty side! Oh one sec do I have one? You know what? Let’s not waste time trying to find out how much time I spend on fitness and finding out if running … late (on high heels!) is considered as an athletic activity. Instead, let’s focus on now and now, I’m happy to tell you that I’m willing to do more in every aspect of my life, especially with my health and fitness.


I’m very much the kind of person that can be depressed, I can be confused, I can be lazy and even complain (a lot), but once I’ve made a decision I’m there 110%, and I decided that this winter I’ll be a work out gal!

As I’m getting bored easily, the gym wasn’t even something to consider, I needed something full of energy, even sexy, oh and I wanted to find chic in it, as well.


“They” say that once you are ready to do something and follow it the universe open doors for you where there were only walls before, and you should know by now, “they” know what they are talking about.


And just like that I got a message from my friend, Lucie that is a very talented personal fitness trainer as well as a blond with the right energy. We scheduled to meet and start talking about my profession and her’s and decided that we should start this fun collaboration where sport and fashion will walk (and later run) hand in hand together.


From my own personal experience I’ve come to learn that a workout really relies on three main things. Aside from that whole motivation to put down my  rosé and start moving my as* which is essentially step one, I really wanted someone to make me a unique – not boring – custom made training lessons, and also a really stylish active wear!


The first place I went to after meeting Lucie was the adidas shop, as I just knew that the right outfit (‘Stella sport adidas’ of course) will give me a good reason to start practicing. I was right.


First lesson happened last week, and let’s hope it’s gonna last.

Follow my cardio journey: “work – out – gal!” on Instagram, and wish me luck!


Photography by Vira Khrupa

Outfits: Stella sport adidas

Hair by Udi Shor

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