Hi guys!

Hope you had a nice weekend. I try to enjoy the last days of summer at the beach but my schedule is quite tight as I’m planing my agenda to Milan and Paris fashion weeks. I have to admit I’m excited as I got some special collaboration during that time and start packing some really cool outfits to match those events!

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As the days are getting shorter and the sun goes down earlier I thought the best images to summaries the 2015 summer moments will be during the sunset time at the Tel Aviv beach. 

I have to admit it was a wonderful summer with Magical moments …✨Late Nights?, Early Mornings⏰, Cold Wine?, Good Vibes✌?, Crazy parties??, Traveling✈️??➡️??➡️??➡️??➡️??➡️??, Sleeping, Dancing?, Breaking Rules?, Falling in love?, Broken heart?, Growing?, Smiling?, Working hard?, Staring At The Stars?, Laughing Till My stomach hurt ?and above all… Trusting my journey?


Photography by Shani Sadicario

Outfit: American Apparel

Hair and Makeup: Mytal Almakayes

Production assistant Hester Clutterbuck

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