Skates and the city

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Hi guys!

It’s been kind of a mad month for me, with some new exciting projects in the pipe line that I am truly blessed to be taking part in.

The first project is a fashion column for a life style TV show which will be air in September (not that long). The second, I’ll be taking part in an international TV show, while they are filming an episode in Tel Aviv (promise to give more information when I can. But trust me it’s super cool!) Last but never least, I will be taking part in an world wide project in which the 10 most influence fashion bloggers and designers will come together here in Israel at the end of the month and will be exposed to the Israeli fashion industry.

So as you can probably understand I’m barley sleeping or breathing  but on the other hand, super excited!

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I truly believe that fashion is an international language that can connect people, and I love the fact that I’m doing what I love the most yet get to meet many people from all around the world, see how we may come from different places around the globe, but at the end of the day we are all very similar. We just need to be given these opportunities to connect with one another and share our experiences.

b4_DSC4551 (1200x801)b10b11

This photo shoot took place on one of the hottest days in Tel Aviv. I designed the shoot around skates which are one of my favorite accessories. They always remind me of my childhood and fun times, because how can you be sad when you are rolling? The outfit part was… a swim suit, because let’s face it, seriously you can’t wear anything else here with out wilting!

_DSC4535 (1500x1001) b8_DSC4666 (1500x1001)

Hope you all had a nice weekend wherever you are. And that you are enjoying these beautiful summer days. If Instagram is anything to go by, it looks like everyone is doing just that during their vacation.

_DSC4678 (1001x1500)
I really hope I’ll find a weekend to go away myself, but until than I’ll  just skate in my city!



Photography by Shani Sadicario

Swimsuit: Elkins

Skirt: Wackerhaus at MOTE

Hair and Makeup: Mytal Almakayes

Production assistant Hester Clutterbuck



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