Moët, ice ice baby


I can remember the first time I was aware of the fact that I was both secure and insecure as a person. It honestly felt like a really cold shower.

_DSC1520 (2000x1335)

Until that day, I always believed that I was a stable individual. Not necessarily born this way, but I felt like life made me more confident in my own skin, and even as a result of something bad that happened to me that made me spend a lot of time alone, time that made me know and appreciate myself.


And then one day during one of my therapy sessions I felt very confused. I heard myself talking about a situation and discovering that I might be really insecure about some issues in my life. The first reaction was, hold on. What does it means? I need to know am I a secure person or insecure, as I really didn’t think that one person can be both.


But after allowing myself time to reflect on this issue I decided that It might be possible or, even not possible… But that’s probably me. I can be so sure and feel comfortable with myself with certain things and not so certain with others.


I have to say that I’m still there. I still don’t know some things or how I truly feel about them. But I do know two things: first, it’s ok! And it will probably take time, as there is no magic just a process. And second, there is actually something beautiful and even fun about not knowing. You get a true opportunity to learn, to try, and to discover new things about yourself. After all, you have to put yourself out there and live through whatever you’re afraid of even if it makes you feel things that you didn’t know about yourself.


You might laugh and giggle (and yes it might make me feel insecure – lol) but I believe that the same thing happened to Moët Ice Impérial!

_DSC1302 (2000x1336)

You see for years, since the champagne was born, it was a big no no to drink champagne with ice. People took it very seriously and followed the big no no rule for a long time.


But then something changed, someone questioned it, and something great happened, the first ever champagne which is meant to be served with 3 ice cubes was born. And she is so good and tasty even more then her beautiful champagne sisters that never dared trying.

_DSC1334 (2000x1335)

I loved the Moët Ice Impérial idea and was more than happy when asked to capture my Moët Ice Impérial moments. That was just a perfect reason for a celebration!

So I took 2 bottles (just to make really sure that Moët and ice is a great combination) to the perfect luxurious destination: Gazebbo beach in Herzelya, packed some summer style outfits and checked the new refreshing way to drink champagne in warm and sunny afternoon.

m6 t23

I had a lot of fun as I’m sure you can tell, but it will be nice to hear your thoughts on this.



So here’s to many fun and stylish moments distinguished by fruitiness, seductive and elegance.



Photography by Myriam Cohenca

Outfits by Factory 54 and Style 4 Rent

Hair Elad Nagar

Make up Lihy Shavit for Mac







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