Ciao Roma


Hi guys!

I planned to post this blog post just before I left for Rome, but I had so many things that I had to deal with that it’s been delayed.


So, at the same day I left I shot a street style session for Toni and Guy and without realising I seem to have planned my outfit in the same colours as the Italian flag! It was so funny to discover how sometimes you connect and communicate even with yourself on so many levels that things just happen to effect you even when your not aware of them in the first place.


Here is my Italian inspired outfit which we shot in the laundry place around Dizingoff square (it was so hot that day, that when we saw this shady place we thought let’s make it a cool and different vibe) and in a Pizza place also around that area, because what is Italy for if not for the authentic pizza?


I promise to post the Rome it list really soon, so you can have the ultimate Roman and Romantic vacation!


Photography by Myriam Cohenca

Outfit by Meri Vintage

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