Good morning guys.

It’s time to pack again, this time I’m going to Rome.

As you might have noticed I’ve been traveling a lot lately. Madrid, Cannes and now back to Italy my amore, again! I love Italy especially in the summer time and even more when I’m having time for some holiday as well.


When I thinking of Italy I always think of beautiful and colorful flowers, and every time I pass a flower stand I stop and let the romantic vibe take control of my body.

_DSC6539 (1872x2000)

I just started packing and have some really cool easy dresses and super amazing evening dresses that will travel with me to the historic town.

_DSC6623 (1335x2000)


So, make sure you follow my Rome journey on Instagram, I promise to keep it hot and cool!


_DSC6633 (2000x1335)


Photography by Shani Sadicario

Vintage outfit by Vanity

Baldinini sandals

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