paint the town

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Come on, babe
Why don’t we paint the town?

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So it’s that time of year again and I’m very excited to celebrate the Tel Aviv Gay Parade today with my proud friends wearing this happy look inspired by the rainbow flag colors.


DSC_5893small (3)DSC_5893small (5)

Some of my best friends are gay, and I always felt privileged to support them, not just at the pride parade but mostly during the routine and sometimes when they had the feeling that their choice is not good enough for other people that can’t stretch their minds from black and white. Personally I really believe that everyone should embrace their own sexual orientation without feeling any shame, fear or oppression. You know what? It’s not even about sexuality, it’s about embracing ourselves, living a life of honesty, authenticity and freedom, freedom that allows you to have your own individual journey in any colors you want.

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Bon colorful Voyage!

DSC_5893small (4)

Photography by Shani Sadicario

Outfit: Style For Rent

Belt: Saint Laurent

Shades: CÉLINE


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