Girls Just Want To Have Sun

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Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all having a great week, mine was mad so far. This month felt like a roller coaster with fun adventures, meetings and shootings and now I really need a day off in the sun.

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The other day I was writing my Cannes experiences and memories for a very popular magazine and just realized that my life lately is like a movie script. The truth is that I love it, I’m not a routine person and love getting excited from everything, but sometimes, like now, I feel like I should meet my best friends for a day at the beach, read a book and open my mind for some new ideas.

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Last Saturday I was sitting with a friend on the beach, she told me that when she traveled to India she visited a monastery where she met a monk that every morning instead of blessing her good morning, hit her on the head with a bottle of water, looked deep into her eyes and said happy new year, the meaning was that every day we should choose our resolutions. She then asked me where do I see myself in a year? I was so surprised that I just didn’t find the answer. I tried to push myself to answer but then kind of realized that I kind of don’t want to know where I am headed, as long as my heart is full of dreams and ambitions and I’m centered with myself. What’s really important for me is to be able to find happiness in everything, to keep my mind clear and focused and my heart open.

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I am so happy to share with you today the third look of my summer 2015 exclusive shooting with Louis Vuitton (there are 2 more!) This time the theme was Fun In The Sun, with colorful summery colors and big smiles.

I hope you will enjoy these images… Free your mind and open your heart, Happy new year!

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Photographed by Shay Kedem

Hair: Udi Shor

Make Up: Netta Szekely – Senior artist Mac Israel

Outfits: Nataly A. Shevilly



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