I arrived yesterday morning to my love… Milan.

As it’s a tradition for me by now, I checked into the hotel and went straight to the Duomo to take my ‘welcome to Milan’ picture.


It’s been 3 months since I started learning Italian and I was insistent to only speak Italian here. It’s going pretty well and I even surprised myself with the conversations I was having… One thing for sure is that Italian is the most sexy language and I feel so passionate speaking it!

My first show was Alberta Ferretti which is always one of the most feminine collections here in Milan. This lady loves the female body and soul and it shows in every romantic piece she designs.

This time I had the great pleasure to cover the show backstage as well and to serve you Ferretti’s hair and makeup secrets for next fall – winter.


The Mac team mentioned that this Ferretti collection was about the Renaissance and the guidelines to the makeup were: natural, fresh and effortless. It was basically a very modern look with the use of the ‘studio finish concealer’ in terms of erasing and not covering, the ‘hot naughty mascara’  and the ‘cubic blush’ for a natural rose tone.


The nail polish effect was very similar to a skin color with a twist of a plastic textured finish. For this tone they used 4 different nail polish colors mixing pink and pearl tones with a matte over lacquer finish.

The hairstyle was very loose and natural with a loose ponytail that covered the models ears and some front hair out around the face for a soft look.


The catwalk was set as a magical forest at sunrise and this was also the feel of the collection, with Victorian elements like flouncy collars and ruffles over embroidery and transparent fabrics in black, white, brown and burgundy colors. It basically gave me the feel of a magical, dreamy, fairy with a strong personality.



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