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Let’s just say it: Sometimes Valentine’s Day doesn’t give us the most loving of feelings. It usually has nothing to do with this holiday, but the fact of whether we have love -Real Love- to celebrate on this occasion.

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We will skip past my Valentines Day activities which are’nt a lot… Basically as I celebrate my bday on February 10th (today!!!) most of my partners are trying to combine my bday together with valentine and that’s why I usually don’t have any memories of celebrating it in a big way or, at all…

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Now believe me when I say I was trying hard to get a decent love celebration for Valentines. I gave some hints, a few winks, screamed, kicked but nothing worked!

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Then, last year when I was sitting at home watching TV, whilst my ex husband was at work, I decided to give myself an attitude adjustment and not wait for anybody to surprise me with a gesture of love. Well if this Valentines thing will be another solo mission I’ll make sure I indulge myself with a little self love and spoil myself!

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I went down to the wine shop, which was all covered with heart balloons and cheesy love songs in the background. The guy there said that if I’m looking for a nice bottle for Valentines he has a great deal on Cava. I looked at him and said: “When it comes to love I’m not looking for deals, give me real Champagne, a good one too!” He smiled and told me that I’m funny but right: “If you want real love, you should also go for real Champagne”.

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I’ll never forget this occasion (and yes you right, I don’t have to many occasions to remember on Valentines) and on that day I decided to start a new tradition: Every Valentines from now on I’m having real champagne and new shoes (We said it’s a love celebration, right?!)!

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This year I celebrate the tradition in collaboration with one of the finest Champagnes -Moët & Chandon!

The first and second part of this ‘Va Va Voom’ celebration will be a photo shoot which took place at Aria Bar, The third part will be a video with our Valentines story and the fourth one will be a ‘how to’ video with a special cocktail by 223 made with Moët & Chandon.

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So in collaboration with Moët & Chandon (such an honor!) I got you a list of bars where you can find this fine champagne by the glass and 2 bars which will serve you a special Moët cocktail for Valentine!

  •  Turkiz
  • Aria
  • Bellboy
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Toto
  • Chloelys

* 223 – Will serve you a special cocktail with Moet & Chandon

* And Hide & Seek – Will serve you special cocktail with Moet & Chandon Rose

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And now, let’s get started, bring it on Valentine!

Photography by Shani Sadicario

Make up: Lihy Shavit for Mac

Hair: Zlil Shen

Gold Dress: Anaelle levi

Red Dress: Victoria Beckham at Helga design

Saint Laurent bag and shoes : Helga design

Essie Pro manicure: Happy hour

Location: Aria Bar

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