Weekend Escape


Who hasn’t found themselves day dreaming of a glorious weekend spent in a luxury hotel? I did, and when i’m dreaming of something it’s just for making it come true. I love my job and i’m so blessed to be so busy lately with so many interesting projects but from time to time I just feel like I have to get away from it all and charge my battery, I then pack my best and fancy outfits and celebrate every moment of my vacation.

So here is part II of my luxury vacation at the Dan Tel Aviv hotel with my night looks followed by Louis Vuitton accessories.


Photography by Haim Afriat.

Hair: Eden Yerushalmy
Make up: Karin Dekel
Accessories: Ruby Star
Black skirt & Cream Dress:Anaelle Levi
Black top: Style 4 Rent
Nail art: Queen M
Location: Dan Tel Aviv

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