Sweet and (G)low


Chocolate is the first luxury. It has so many things wrapped up in it: Deliciusness in the moment, childhood memories, and that grin-inducing feeling of getting a reward for being good.

It might be the change of season (I’m not a winter person!) or any other excuse but I’m so addicted to pastries and chocolate lately (ok I’m lying, It’s not just lately, I’ve always been) that I decided to include it on my next photo shoot. 

I mixed it with some of my favorite luxury fashion items and went to celebrate it all together on the streets of Neve Tzedek neighborhood. 

White Dress: Style4rent

Red Dress: Moschino at Style4rent

Hat: Gerard Darel 

Shoes, Bag, Ipad case and Iphone case: Moschino at Mary shoes.

Pastries: Courcelles Patisserie. 

Photography by Victoria Kabrit 

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