London calling, again


You all probably know that I have a very strong connection to London. I dated a wonderful British guy for 3 years and married him a year ago.

Life being life, things happened and few months ago we decided to finish our love story and continue our lives a part.

As you can imagine it wasn’t easy and I’ve been going through a very emotional phase in my life.

And then… I got a call that announced that I’ve been chosen to create my own look for ASOS as a Tel Aviv based blogger. I didn’t even have time to digest this amazing news and I’ve been informed that I’ll be having lots of good hair days, as I start a new project with my favourite hair products from Toni & Guy

I couldn’t decide if this is a coincidence or just my point of view that these 2 brands that are based in London and recognised as British brands were calling me and choosing me as their Israeli partner…

Oh well, I guess you can’t get answers to all you questions, but what I do know is that London is calling again baby, and I love it!

I took the theme of London with all the iconic signs and put it all together to a 60’s style London feel.

This photo shoot will contain two parts that define London for me, the bubbly and daring side that made me build the Twiggy look with a pink knit suit, high volume hair, statement makeup and glam, which is also the name of the Toni & Guy collection I’m using at the moment. 

The second part will show the other side of the city which is somber and gloomy.

So fasten your seat belts have some tea and biscuits and come with me for a ride London style. !

Photography by Shani Sadicario

Hair and Make up Amit Ben Yakar

Cakes by Karin

Shoes: Mary shoes

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