My #MFW diary – #VFNO


When I get to time to write all my memories from the last week in Milan I just look at the screen, smile and ask myself, how can I describe these magnificent moments?

As so much was going on every day, I have decided to share with you an every day diary and hope that it will help me share the magic with you.

I arrived in Milan on the 16th around noon and made my way to the hotel. After unpacking my (overweight) suitcase I made my way to the Duomo di Milano, as by now it’s my tradition to run straight to the cathedral and to feel the Milan spirit!


On my way there I couldn’t ignore that on every corner of the streets, couples were kissing and giggling. Oh, Milan amore you are the city of love, I was thinking… and you know what? This trip was all about it. Love was in the air and everywhere else and that’s why probably lot’s of the collections that were showing had the 70’s motives, the decade of Loooove.

After a quick bite and macchiato I went back to the hotel to get ready for the first (of many!!!) cocktail parties I attended for Voogue Fashion Night Out, at the Marc Jackobs store. 


I wore a long vintage skirt and a top by Gelfer design together with Nicholas Kirkwood sandals.


My friends and I walked the whole of Milan (Wearing my Kirkwood sandals!), attending 5 different cocktail events all around the city and ended up at the opening mfw party in the Armani hotel, which was A-mazing!


I came back to the hotel at 3 AM thinking I should get some sleep before the big day, MFW DAY 1! After all, my wake up call set for 7 AM!!!



Cover photo by Rosaly



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