Style Transformation Challenge


Check out this fun project I took part in by Stylit, where I’ve been asked to check out how I would feel if I change my style – Empower your style.

“Style is a language. It’s an expression. It’s the way that we present ourselves to the world every day and it clearly sends a message as to what kind of person we are and who we strive to be. Good styling isn’t based on putting everyone in a “fashion box” and dressing the world in a cookie cutter style that is the most acceptable or normal. Style is something defined deep inside of you, and good styling simply helps bring out this expression gracefully while helping you discover the most flattering means to wear your personality. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with styles different from your on. It’s like discovering new parts of your personality. We took 5 very different women, with different pronounced styles and flipped the coin on their style for one day, and observed some amazing outcomes from this social experiment. 

Korin, 34

Job: Fashion Blogger

Style Experiment: Eccentric to Conservative (Tomboy)

Eccentric Style to Tomboy Style

Korin plays dress up for a living and eats, breaths and sleeps fashion. She shops at least once a week from a variety of stores and takes chances in every outfit she dons.  We decided to take her to the most toned down, tomboy look we could find and she still rocked it. She was very much anticipating how this experiment would make her feel and definitely felt a difference in the outcome.

“Every day I make style choices based entirely on how I feel that day and I take so much pleasure in expressing those parts of myself to the outside world. I was so curious to see if I would feel like myself, which I did, but yet somehow different.” – Korin Avraham

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