The Rise Of The Israeli Style Selfie


I’m so honored to be mentioned in this article by Simona Kogan which think that “there are some major fashion personalities in Israel. These bloggers, stylists, personal shoppers, icons, celebs, and style lovers, are known in the industry –and are able to come up with fashion photos at the drop of a hat. With just a click of an Instagram button, without the aid of professional photographers at their beck and call, these fashionistas and fashionistos create visual fashion moments that stick with us long after the clothes have been changed.”

In this report Kogan suggests to name me “‘The queen of the fashion selfie”, I’m not sure if that’s true but I’m soooo flattered!

Check it out here.


“Perhaps this girl should be called the queen of the fashion selfie, because I’ve never seen a better personal picture taken by someone who is not a proclaimed fashion photographer.  korin-300

The fashion blogger, who started her blog Ya Salam in September 2011, has exploded onto the Israeli fashion scene through her own perseverance.

She has since appeared in countless Israeli fashion magazines, showcasing various layers of her enviable fashion closet and hopping into the front row of many a fashion show. She’s also a Dreed*Tea contributor and a lawyer on the side! 

While it’s true that many of her pictures are taken by others, some of her best pictures have been of herself and her incredible sense of style.”


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