Summer Splash


I’m always up for new experiences and I am THE person who adores ‘thinking outside the box’ so that’s why when I was asked if I would take part in the ultimate underwater #selfie for H&M I didn’t even think twice and said: “Oh Yes”!

I had the pleasure of having the Leonardo Bazel hotel pool to myself and the best team which included my BFF – Shachar Rabanne, the talented photographer, Shani Sadicario and the underwater photographer (!!!) Ran Mor.

Now let me tell you guys, I thought that the fact I’m taking pics all the time will make this underwater experience pretty easy and it will all be natural but, it wasn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had lately, but  it was a process and mostly a personal one that made me proud of myself.

For a while now I’ve been dealing with some anxiety issues, and when I’m saying I’m dealing I mean it. It came to me out of the blue when I didn’t expect it and I’ve never experienced it before. I was always famous for taking things easy and without fear and that’s why I didn’t know what to do with this new feel that followed me. I like to be in control, I like to feel I can trust myself (and others) and suddenly I couldn’t…

After the stress calmed down I understood that now can be a great opportunity to restart, to know myself better, as a different person with different needs, to learn to trust myself again and to always remember that in the end everything will be ok, and if it’s not ok, it’s not the end.

Now back to the pool…

We did the ‘dry’ shoot at the pool area and couldn’t have enjoyed myself more. It was early morning, the sun was in and out and the sea breeze kept it cool enough. Shachar and I pretended we were having a moment in our own pool and living the L.A dream. As we finished this session I dipped my feet in the pool, wet my hair and… didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t have much time and really wanted to be professional and to shoot it quick but couldn’t bring myself to go underwater and relax.

But then I stopped for a second and decided I’ll take my time, adjust and enjoy it. With some help from Ran it worked and I’ve noticed it’s actually feels so natural to be part of the water.

So here for my own ‘Splash’ scene – this was A-mazing!

Underwater photography by Ran Mor

Outside Photography by Shani Sadicario 

Swimsuit: H&M

Robe and Lips phone: Meri Vintage 

Accessories: ‎Efrat Cassouto

Blue bag: Helena Tlv

Shoes: Mellisa (911 fashion)

Shades: Joseph Haver 

Hair: Silviya Tobol

Makeup – Elinor Tobailem 

Graphic Design: Valerie Mazor

Location: Leonardo Bazel hotel

10325169_10154274007690215_7683848096213482665_n10169416_10154274009835215_1803365313302123440_n10300157_10154274009805215_7160849900870236470_n10446019_10154274007940215_2365401912247026599_n121 12210462487_10154274008535215_2336930479192360717_nKorin Pool_0070Korin Pool_0113Korin Pool_0127Korin Pool_0082Korin Pool_0136Korin Pool_0132 Korin Pool_0151

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