Give Me a Break


I love my home town and I’m such a city girl. But when I want to relax and take it easy I escape to the oriental

part of it – Jaffa! That’s my destination when I need a little break, a quiet beach, an authentic plate of hummus

and a colorful view! It’s not quiet there but the noises are a blend of all religions and something about the

atmosphere there feels so simple yet historical and just feels like a great escape from the busy city life.

That’s also why it was the perfect location for the 2nd part of my special project for Forever 21 – my oriental

vacation ‘looks’ inspired by these boho chic outfits.

So take your shoes off, listen to the sound of the waves, smell the spices and join me on this magical trip.

You should pack light: a bunch of embroidered items, fun accessories and a big hat, one pair of pyjamas and fun socks! 

Voyage Voyage!

Photographed by Shani Sadicario

Outfits by Forever21 

Hair: Eden Yerushalmy

Makeup: Elinor Tobailem

Cupcakes by Karin’s cakes

Hair and body products by Moroccanoil

Makeup products by Mac, YSL, Essie, Maybeline. Anny.

Location Cote Munizaga Interiors

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