Forever Vacation


After years of packing and ‘overweighting’ for my vacations, I’ve become known among my friends as the “VacPack” Master.

I guess my reputation has preceded me as I was chosen by Forever 21 to share with you my tips for your next “VacPack”!

So Let’s start with part one of our ‘Forever Vacation’ by Ya Salam.

The secret my friends, is in the magic words: Mix and Match!

The number one rule is to know yourself (I think it’s important, don’t you?!) which means… Are you the spontaneous styling type- and choosing your outfits by your mood (like moi), or the ‘don’t like surprises’, I better know what I’m wearing on this vacation type, in which case you’d better create your outfits before you pack.

If you are like me I would recommend to focus on separates which can be paired in multiple ways plus some essentials items and lot’s of accessories!

So let’s start, and what could be better than starting with…


Flat Sandals: I choose these  amazing silver pair that goes  so well with everything! I always say that  metallic’s are the new natural and I would certainly  wear these to breakfast, the pool, the beach and with a flowing evening outfit.

High heels: This Black pair is chic, sexy, comfortable and goes with Everything!


My motto is: you should only have soooooo many! The truth is that great accessories can change up  a look and they don’t take up much packing space. A gold or crystal necklace  is the best thing to wear with a great tan and that’s why I packed a few!

The second must have is a hat, I couldn’t think of a better style  then a big black hat  for that retro chic classic look!


When I saw this white  bikini top and high-waist bottom I couldn’t  help but grab it! 

How can you go wrong with this feminine “James Bond” look?! Together with the baby blue  long cardigan  it’s a classy rich bitch look that I just couldn’t  resist! 

Short – skirt – Top

When I packed for this vacation I had a vision of a combination between 70’s Retro and Oriental influences. That’s why I picked this polka dot skirt together with a black crop top for the Vintage look and the stripy shorts and corset for the Boho look.

Now remember, nothing will look good on you if you are not happy, so don’t forget to pack your smile and your best attitude.

Now go and have the best time ever!

Bon Voyage!

Photographed by Shani Sadicario

Outfits by Forever21 

Hair: Eden Yerushalmy

Makeup: Elinor Tobailem

Cupcakes by Karin’s cakes

Hair and body products by Moroccanoil

Makeup bag: Kipling 

Makeup products by Mac, YSL.

Sunscreen – Kiehl’s 

Graphic Design: Valerie Mazor

Location Cote Munizaga








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