Sun & Surf


What can be better than a new-wave look embracing high fashion pieces and a fearless attitude with a little help from the ultimate accessory of the summer, the surf board!

We took this vision (which is a defined standout brand in my opinion) to one of the most beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv – Jaffa. 

‘Givat Aliya’ beach is located west of Ajami in Jaffa (the same neighborhood where the award winning film Ajami is based). We were on location shooting for the whole day and had the best time.

Since then, I’ve been flirting with the idea to take some surf lessons… Are you in?

And now, time for part I (of three) of the ‘Summer Surf Report’ Photographed by Haim Afriat.

Outfits by Anaelle Levi

Hair: Eden Yerushalmy

Makeup: Elinor Tobailem

Graphic Design: Valerie Mazor 

Accessories: ‎Efrat Cassouto

Shades: Joseph Haver 

Surfboards: Galim surf school 


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