911 Fashion


911 Fashion is a celebration of luxury and unique fashion from all around the world!

911 Fashion invited me to a fun day in their absofuckinglutly A-mazing showroom which is very well known for the coolest brands they import to Israel and their super different and full of character ‘STORY’ boutiques (one of them – ‘Short Story’ is just across the street from my place).

This summer they are treating us with fab eclectic shoe collections by Mellisa, Fornarina, Swear, Toms and many more, as well as unique clothes and accessories (love the hats and sunglasses!) collections, which you better check out!

I almost couldn’t stop myself buying a pair of shoes from each brand and ended up welcoming an electric blue pair of high heels by Mellisa (Stay tuned for the upcoming pics!) to my shoe collection.

My other favorites: ‘Fornarina’ pointy flats with a fishnet sock and the mad ‘Swear’ shoe collection.

Pics by Alon Reuveni





Which one?




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