Milan Fashion Week – Ya Salam On The Press

ege - karin

As I got some links with cool Street Style pics of mine during the best time I had in Milan Fashion Week last month, I thought I would share it with you.

This pic was photographed just before the first show I attended, the Gucci show. The pic was taken by Adam Katz and featured on W Magazine.


The second pic I got was taken outside the Marni show with my sweet friend Ege, a stylist from Milan which I met last year at the Armani party.

This pic was featured on Glamour Espania and that’s what they wrote about it: “Mix and Succeed” – Set of prints, skin and hair. Three key elements of street style in Milan that these two combined with confidence.



Pic by Deniz Miray Petrini

unnamed (5)

Pic by Deniz Miray Petrini

These two following pics were featured on, these pics were taken outside the Etro and Just Cavalli shows, in both I’m wearing headpieces by Tami Bar Lev.

Just-Cavalli-ppl-W-F14-M-019 Etro-ppl-W-F14-M-052

The pic below was taken just after the Dolce and Gabbana show by my dear friend Rink Olga and featured on her site Haute Pepper.  


After and outside the Moschino show I met the sweet American student, Annalise Holmes, that came to Milan for a semester and studying fashion. She is also owns this cute blog Miss Sherlock where she featured me and my fresh Moschino cover!


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