Time for my own fashion statements during the last week at the Gindi TLV Fashion Week!

So for the Gala event I wore a handmade (!!!) dress by my fav designer and one of my best friends, Anaelle Levi. Anaelle made this dress for me in less than 48 hours and I was amazed when I saw how it looked at the end.

This dress was made from hundreds of silver necklaces over a black, open back dress. I had a vision of a ‘James Bond girl look’ and asked the talented hairdresser and makeup artist Mati Boker to create the look with short messy hair and glamorous makeup with smoky eyes and dark red lips.

Like I told you already The Gala event ended pretty late and when I woke up super early for the first day of the Gindi TLV Fashion Week all I wanted to wear was my nighty and huge sunglasses! I compromised on a lingerie look with a black lace bustier by La Perla and a lace top combined with a beige organza skirt, both by Anaelle Levi. It felt like a ballet inspired outfit so I decided that the black Balenciaga sandals which have a feel of dancing shoes would be perfect for this outfit, together with of course, my black Dior sunglasses. 

For the first night I picked a natural look which combined different textures. I picked a white beaded skirt with a twenties feel,by Anaelle Levi, a mocha lace top, a light brown fur vest and silver accessories.

The second morning of TLV FW was all about the oriental influences. I wore a see through black lurex skirt with bronze, gold and silver stripes, a black play-suit by Sack’s, denim jacket, black and turquoise Prada shoes, Primark bag and Oscar De la Renta turquoise earings. My hair was so messy because of all the products I’d used that I decided to wear it up.  Later that day when I came back home for a little break I washed it (finally!) and decided to leave it natural and to wear the A-mazing ‘Night Fish’ (that’s what I called it) hat by Tami Bar Lev together with my all black outfit and my black fringe boots by United Nude.

The third day of TLV FW was so wet that I nearly didn’t leave my bed. When I finally faced up to my wardrobe I decided that the rain wouldn’t stop me from wearing my yellow glowing sandals by Zara People. I really wasn’t in the mood to dress up and grabbed my Armani jeans and an H&M cream top together with an American Apparel big and loose cardigan. I fancied it up with a gold leafs hair band by Tami Bar Lev and big peals and gold earrings by River Island.

For the last night of this crazy week I has a plan to wear a colorful Kimono that Alembika showed at her show during this FW but as it didn’t work out I made up my mind to find my own outfit that will match the black Oriental hat which I had borrowed from Tami (Bar Lev).

I found this two-piece brocade vintage outfit that I bought at Vanity two years ago and never wore and felt like it’s her time to shine!

Together with pointed black shoes by Zara and braided black clutch I was ready to go, oh and of course the oriental hat!

So this was the week of celebrating fashion in Tel Aviv… I had some fun moments especially when it felt like we were here for fashion and not for the people who try to take a monopoly on fashion. At some of the days during the FW I found my self (as well as my friends) running around trying to get a press pass to use the computers in the press room and to post about the shows or to charge my phone between the shows… Some of the people who were in charge either ignored or didn’t handle it, and left us trying to understand how come this is their attitude. 

As Fashion Week is still new here in our young country (this one was the 3rd year after we didn’t have one for almost 30 years) I hope that next time it will feel like we are all here for the same reason, focusing on helping the Israeli fashion grow and spreading the word around.


Pics by Yuval Tebol and Goni Riskin



Yuval Tebol - Gindi Fashion Week 2014

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