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So many things are happening in Tel Aviv all the time. It truly is the city that never sleeps and if you are looking for non-stop activity you have definitely come to the right place. I know it’s true about many other big cities around the world but the beauty in our city is that you can find so many fun free things to do here as well! The only problem is how to find out about them and how to keep up with what’s happening when? I used to get so many mails all the time from friends asking me if there are any exciting exhibitions/gigs/fashion events or cool bars opening, and that’s why when I found Wingit, I knew it was the perfect solution for me to use and to be able to share with my friends.

Wingit is an app that continuously scans the masses of information being shared on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) and lets you know all the best and coolest things that are going on around you, whether it’s a bar offering free cocktails, a secret gig or a pop-up store that you just had to know about! It only pushes the stuff that matters to you, according to the time you check it and your location. All you need to do is to use the keyword search to see what’s up around you. You can also create or join a community on it, share events with your friends, send private messages and use it as a social networking platform as well.


wingit app

I decided that the perfect opportunity for me to full immerse myself in Wingit and share an event for other users to find, was for the ‘Maskit‘ Fashion show, which took place during the Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week.

Maskit is the first fashion house in Israel and was the last show at the Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week, it was about exposing the ‘all time collection’ (since 1954) and the new one as well.

It was the only show at Gindi Tel Aviv Fashion Week you could attend yourself by purchasing tickets, with all profits donated to the Preterm newborn’s unit at the Tel Hashomer Hospital.


Ruth Dayan’s cake

The Maskit show was everything I expected and much more!

It started with cocktails and among those invited were VIPs including professors, politicians and some of the most famous families in Israel. The most glamorous yet humble person I spotted there was, Ruth Dayan, the founder of Maskit.

Dayan celebrated her 97th birthday two days ago (at the show), and looked in great shape! She received a beautifully designed cake and the whole crowd (1600 people!) sang her happy birthday . It was really sweet, as she was so excited about it.

During the first part of the show some of the most known women of Israeli high society took to the catwalk wearing Maskits iconic designs. The second half was all about the new collection designed by Sharon Tal who created an Homage with pieces that were infused with features from the original designs as well as featuring some modern and contemporary elements.

It was a great finale to a very busy week and I’m sure that if you attended the Maskit show because you saw my ‘wingit’ post you were really pleased you did!

Wingit is free to download and use from the App Store.  Check it out also on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.


Frowing with Ruth Dayan at the Maskit show


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