The Cavalli Effect


It’s seems like Roberto Cavalli has always loved feminine beauty as his collections always reflected elegance, glamour, luxury and sophistication with just a hint of pleasure and extravagance too.

When a woman wears Cavalli she never goes unnoticed… that was my thought when I watched the ‘Just Cavalli’ and the ‘Cavalli’ shows and when I hung out at the fancy Cavalli cocktail party which took place during Milan fashion week last week.

The Just Cavalli Fall/Winter 2014-15 collection focused on an art and rock inspiration and featured artistic prints. If you’re familiar with the label you will know that you’re always going to find animal prints in their collections and this time it was hand-painted animal prints, producing vivid painterly leopard patterns.

Chiffon, satin and silk viscose, velvet and light wool made a wide range of looks that together with gold, brocade, fuchsia, turquoise, bright blue, yellow and orange looked like a very familiar ‘Just Cavalli’ collection with an art and rock twist.
I loved the stripes and fringes which provided a fluid rhythm to the collection and I especially adored the gold fringe pants and jacket! 
A few days after the Just Cavalli show I attended the Roberto Cavalli one. It took place in the same fabulous location, ‘Arco Della Pace’ but the place looked totally different! The catwalk initially contained a body of water in the center, but the moment the show started it turned in to a hypnotizing dance of fire which circled the runway. The show’s equestrian atmosphere was countered with flashes of sophisticated dresses in tweed, leather and enveloping blanket coats, together with fur elements, fringes, feathers and crystals.

When the clock showed seven pm I started getting ready for the fancy Cavalli cocktail which celebrated the opening of their new, magnificent and largest boutique in the world on the street that says pure luxury, Via Montenapoleone.

I arrived wearing a white vintage beaded dress by Vanity, my wedding shoes by Nine West boutique and a head band by Tami Bar Lev ready to enjoy this event.

It was all you could dream of: Five floors of different collections by Cavalli, classic cocktails and appetizers, good music and all the fashion scene people from around the world.

When I saw Roberto I said hi and added the fact I came from Tel Aviv and really loved that he was our guest of honor in 2011 at the first fashion week we’d had in 20 years. He was very happy to hear that and agreed to take a picture with me.

As I made my way out I received a bag with some fun goodies including their ‘Aqua’ perfume. When I got back to Tel Aviv I received the rest of the signature perfume series: ‘Roberto Cavalli’ and ‘Nero Assoluto’. And as I lined them up together on my shelf they looked like pure sensual art. The stunning design of the bottles which looks like they were inspired by the feminine silhouette, the tiger print collar and the golden stopper tiara just look majestic!

I started using the ‘Nero Assoluto’ as I fell in love with the musky floral mix of orchid and black vanilla, but I’m planning to test his glamorous brothers very soon as well!

20140305-113927.jpg 20140305-113939.jpg20140305-154143.jpg20140305-113916.jpg

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