Mac & Cheese and Mr. Scott


17:30 – I arrive to the Moschino back stage which is full of security guys and models. All the Moschino team is running around restless and excited at the same time.

18:00 – I get an interview with the  ‘Mac’ cosmetic team (mostly with Michele Magnani) who reveal their beauty look:  A modern Tom boy with strong but natural eyebrows, curl lashes (with no mascara), nude lips and gorgeous glowing skin. We already hear at this point that the collection is very bold and sassy and that’s why the makeup (which is a little more neutral) is intended as the balancing element.

18:30 – We  move to the hair styling area as we are freezing because the makeup area is so tiny that we had to have most of the interview outside and there we discover it’s all about short hair wigs. Blonde, Brunette, Redhead, all in a very boyish style.

18:45 – The rehearsal is on! Although we don’t see the collection yet but the fabulous and super sexy and fun soundtrack is a clue that Scott didn’t leave any madness outside his new collection.

19:00 – A lot of celebrities start hanging out in the backstage area and all of Jeremy Scott’s crew arrives together wearing some of Moschino’s more iconic designs. It’s Jeremy’s first collection for the brand since he was appointed creative director last October and you can feel that his friends are really excited about it.

19:05 – Jeremy Scott arrives to the makeup area and has his makeup done.

19:45 – We get our seat at the show and are soooooooo happy to find out we received a new McDonald’s look Iphone cover! Woo Hoo!!!

20:00 – We get comfortable and wait for the show to begin.

20:20 – We are not so comfortable….

20:30 – Katy Perry comes on stage and poses for the cameras wearing clothes from Jeremy’s Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. She walks down the catwalk to get to her frow seat- creating somewhat of a mini fashion show.

20:40 – Rita Ora is (not so) fashionably late, also comes on stage posing in a black and gold  T-shirt designed by Jeremy.

20:42 – All the photographers start screaming and whistling, asking Mr. Scott to begin the show!!!

20:47 – It’s show time!!! The first model steps on to the catwalk and all the crowd is impressed. By the time the fifth model arrives everyone starts clapping and when the Sponge Bob and Macdonald’s outfits are shown there’s an audible “Wow”!!! It doesn’t stop and just gets hotter and more creative as the models start to show up with very feminine outfits as skirts and tops made from Moschino belts and dresses made with cheese and chocolate print fabrics.

21:07 – Suddenly a bride runs on to the stage in a wedding dress featuring faux nutrition label information stamped all over it and holding a bouquet. The nutrition label was first designed and revealed by Burkey Belser in 1994. If you look closely part of the print contains the words ‘Does not contain healthy ingredients’…

As Jeremy explained afterwards a reference to the Fast Fashion collection, which like fast food..

21:15 – Mr. Scott comes on stage with all the models, get a kiss from the bride and soaking up all the love the crowd is throwing at him. Most of them are standing and cheering.

21:30 – I head off for some Martini cocktails and snacks at the ‘Dolce Gabbana Martini bar’ with my BFF in Milan, Ege, showing off my new Moschino Iphone cover.

*Illustration by Anaelle Levi 



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