Gucci girl 2015


The first show I attended was the Gucci show. It took place yesterday at noon time and I made my way there with a local and loyal friend, the rain. When I entered the show area it felt like Gucci had invited the rain as an accessory to the show as it added an air of mysterious romanticism and matched so perfectly the atmosphere around the Gucci bar. Elegant ladies and sharp looking gentlemen mingling over a glass of champagne and strawberry juice. Inside, where the show took place it felt as if it was already winter 2015, it was all white, clean and fresh. The ‘frow’ started to get packed with Anna Wintour, Franca Sozzani, Salma Hayek and other editors and celebrities who came to see what Frida [Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini] thinks of winter 2015. Giannini had a vision of clean lines with precious materials and a new color palette – glamour at its purest. On the catwalk we saw a portrait of a sophisticated woman with a romantic, feminine and unique style. In the daytime the 2015 Gucci girl has a boyish romanticism with a twist of Sixties style icons. Geometric, form-fitting lines followed by soft furs, leather, wool, angora, and metal disc buttons. She walks around the streets with low heeled boots sealed with a horsebit and she spread candies with every step with her baby blue, cornflower, green, blush pink and yellow Gucci daywear outfits, and as Salma Hayek told us: “It was so soft and sweet that I almost wanted to eat it.” The evening cocktail dresses by Gucci followed by embroidered mini dresses and monochromatic black looks, with smoky crystals, leather detailing and high-heeled boots in black shiny calfskin.

I’m not usually short for words but this time it’s pretty simple, I love the 2015 Gucci girl, she is smart, comfortable and super chic. I can’t wait to put my hands on the daytime candies and the shiny cocktail dresses oh and of course the boots! And lucky me because as it happens, I was invited to visit the Gucci showroom this afternoon! Stay tuned for updates…

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