It’s CUPID O’clock!


Eyes on Cupid as Valentines day is around the corner!

For this special love day I came back to the place where I celebrated my love this year, where I experienced the most exciting moments, where I got married – Saba’s Well! I thought that shooting a 2 part Valentines production doesn’t just have to be romantic but also fun and that’s why I teamed up with my BFF Shachar Rabanne, with my favorite designer, Anaelle Levi , the sweetest stylist Rachel Kaufman, Aya the wonder camera women and the Saba’s Well design team! The idea was ‘sweet love moments’ and a ‘HaPpY HaPpY – JoY JoY atmosphere’, and let me tell you it was even much more! We couldn’t stop laughing, drinking wine and eating all the sweets but that was only after we made sure you would have lots of pics to enjoy. So now whether you celebrate it or not, whether you have someone to celebrate it with or not… I think we all should indulge ourselves with some sweet moments. So wear high heels, put some lipstick on, grab a glass of Champagne and dance on the table!

Art, Design and flowers: Saba Well desgin team: Shelly Cohen Shaul, Amir Masht, Liron Levy
Hair and Makeup: Sharon Pur
Photogropher: Aya & Avi
Giveaway: Hamitugiya
Men’s wear by Izak 
Acecories: Keren Wolf
Shoes: Aldo
Sweets: Petit Gateau 
Shades: Adashot 












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