Carmina and Moi


Last week we had a very special guest here in Tel Aviv, La Carmina. As part of the TLVstyle Boutique Tour given to her by Galit Reismann we met her for a ‘Hat Party’ at the fab ‘Eden’ hotel located in the Yemeni quarter in Tel Aviv.
We had an A-mazing time and the pics will probably prove it. As I had a chance to meet such an interesting and unique fashionista I thought you should too. And so I asked Carmina to answer the notorious Ya Salam 10 question quiz.

Check it out!

Pics by Melissa Rundle

Hats by Tami Bar Lev

Makeup by Paz Reichert

Skirt: Helena TLV
Top: Top Shop
Shoes: Prada

1. Who have you been closest to in your life?
Family, friends I’ve known since I was in kindergarten, and my sweet and smart Scottish Fold cat — Basil Farrow. He even has a cute blog.

2. Who influenced you the most in your life?

Same answer as above, along with a shout-out to the brave, experimental individuals I’ve met in the Tokyo art and party scene. Their courageous approach to fashion and alt lifestyles have inspired me.

3. What is your biggest fear?

A bowl full of dirty pennies. In total seriousness! I’m a bit of a germophobe, and old coins make me very uncomfortable.

4. Relaxation is…

Snuggling up with my soft and fluffy earless cat, Basil Farrow. I’ve also made better efforts recently to “hack” my sleeping habits and meditate, which has helped me to relax especially when flying and on the road.

5. What are you best at?

I think one of of strengths is my ability to pinpoint emerging subcultural movements or trends, such as extreme body modifications or underground parties around the world. As a travel journalist and fashion blogger, I try to share these finds in a positive way, to help a larger audience understand them.

6. What do you like to do?

I love walking around a city, with no particular aim, and seeing what I discover. I always take lots of photos along the way. Often, these result in the most spontaneous and compelling posts, such as one I recently did about a night walk in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

7. What is your favorite song?

Hard to name just one. I’m very fond of Italo Disco tracks, funny enough. It puts me in an upbeat mood. One of my favorite memories in Milan was visiting an Italo Disco club.

8. What is your favorite fashion item?

I try to pick up local-made clothes and accessories during my travels, as reminders of the journey. Recently, I found a Scottish Fold cat ring in Bangkok’s Chatuchak market, and a blue fuzzy puppy purse in Tokyo. In Tel Aviv, Israel, Tami Bar-Lev made me a sparkly fork hat!

9. What is your earliest memory?

As a toddler, I remember being awed by the neon lights, street sounds and masses of people in Hong Kong. My parents and I made trips to Hong Kong since I was a baby, and it left an impression.

10. What don’t you like?

My top travel pet peeves are: poorly circulated spaces over-crowded with people, unclean public areas such as restrooms and door handles, and above all, mosquitoes. I’m highly allergic to those little beasts.







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