‘Koco’ – My 3rd wedding dress


After designing two glamorous and classic dresses for the first two parts of my wedding we kind of knew we were going to have at least one more which would be the ‘After Party’ wedding dress.

I’m sure that if we had more time we wouldn’t have stopped at three dresses, but as the first two were slightly more classic in style we wanted to have a fun chic design for the last one.

The inspiration was based on a ‘Chanel’ look crossed with a naughty ballerina, plus I really wanted the dress to have a tutu bottom which I love sooooooo much (I have at least 10 tutu skirts in my wardrobe)!

 When Anaelle and I started working on ‘Koco’ (which is the first two letters of my first name and the first two letters of my new Last name) we decided to combine it with some black velvet detailing, but when we started looking for real black velvet we didn’t find anything of quality.

One day while we were shopping for fabrics we noticed a cool vintage shop in the ‘Nachlat Binyamin’ area (the fabric shop area in Tel Aviv) named ‘Kassima’ and as we stepped in, we saw it immediately -the perfect vintage velvet top! We bought the top and made the dress’s big black bow and collar from it.

The accessories for this dress were so much fun! I had ‘Valentino’ black and clear strap shoes and tons of pearls. As for the ‘after party’ stuff, we gave all our guests black velvet Mickey mouse ears and pearls so it all matched perfectly to my third dress!

I totally love this dress! It’s so comfortable and chic, I already wore it to a dinner party and I’m sure I’ll wear it again (and again…).

***Check out the first and the second dresses and let me know which one you like the most?


Dresses and sketches by Anaelle Levi

Pics by Liron Erel

Makeup by Asaf Babo

Hair by Liraz Agam

Hair and Make up for forest shoot Amit Ben Yakar

Forest shoot accessories Keren Wolf







KOCO1 KOCO220131217-183318.jpg






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